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Barbados Amateur Swimming Association

Historia / History:

In December 1981, Casuarina Beach Club Hotel was opened in Barbados. One of its owners, Angus Edghill, was Barbados’ first swimmer at the 1968 Olympics. The pool at the hotel was not designed like the average hotel pool, with curves, waterfalls, bridges, etc., but as a practical 25 yard, four lane pool for lap swimming. The Manager of the hotel was Jonathan Morgan, a past Barbados swimmer. Angus and Jonathan started to swim a little in the afternoons and soon they were joined by other swimming relics of the past. The Casuarina Masters were born.

In 1982, the first Masters swim meet was held at the Casuarina pool between Barbados and Trinidad, followed by a return meet in Trinidad a few months later.

With encouragement from the late Joey Kaufmann of Trinidad, it was decided to attend the first World Masters Championships in Toronto (1985). To everyone’s surprise the relay team of A.Edghill, J.Kaufmann, C.Gibbs and D.Farmer won the gold medal and set records in the medley and freestyle relays.

Masters swimming in Barbados started to gather momentum and soon the idea of building an Olympic pool for the island took shape. Mr. Maurice Foster spearheaded the effort to raise funds and obtain land while Angus Edghill agreed to construct the entire project at cost.

The Aquatic Centre has since transformed swimming in Barbados. The Casuarina Masters no longer train at the hotel pool but are now at the 50m Aquatic Centre.

Over the years, the Casuarina Masters has traveled extensively to swim in many international meets. In 1992, Angus Edghill broke three world Masters records in the 400m, 800m, and 1500m (long course) freestyle of the 45-49 age group. In 1995, he also broke the 400m and 800m short course freestyle records in the 50-54 age group.

Some of the meets the Casuarina Masters have competed in over the years are:

  • US Short Course Nationals, Fort Pierce, Florida - 1986

  • US Long Course Nationals, Portland, Oregon - 1986

  • Canadian Masters Nationals, Toronto, Canada - 1987

  • US Long Course Nationals, Woodlands, Texas - 1987

  • US Long Course Nationals, Buffalo, New York - 1988

  • I LATYCAR Championships, Venezuela - 1991

  • Masters World Championships, Indianapolis - 1992

  • II LATYCAR Championships, Puerto Rico - 1993

  • III LATYCAR was succesfully held at the Aquatic Centre with over 600 participants - 1997

The Casuarina Masters are now looking forward to being a part of the 5th LATYCAR Championships (1999) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.