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Confederação Brasileira de Desportos Aquáticos (CBDA)
Federação Aquática do Rio de Janeiro (FARJ) 
Federação Aquática Mineira (FAM) 
Federação Paraense de Desportos Aquáticos (FPDA)
Federação de Desportos Aquáticos do Paraná
Batida de Mão - Masters em Campinas
Natação Master Cearense 
Abílio Couto - O Pai das Águas Abertas  
Associaçao Paulista de Masters de Natação 

Historia / History:

Marlene Mendes

As far as I know, Brazil was the first country to organize Masters Swimming events, which started around 1981. At first, they were put into practice by the Rio de Janeiro Swimming Federation and only short races were swum. (50 and 100m.)

In December, 1984, Masters Swimming Brazilian Association, (ABMN) was satarted and the great majority of the participants had formerly been swimmers who were anxious to return to the pools.

The 1st. World Masters Games in Toronto, Canada in 1985 was the first great opportunity for us Brazilians to join the world od Masters Swimming and actually it was a fantastic experience for those who took part in them.

Since then, Masters swimming has been growing steadily;now ABMN has more than 5000 members all over Brazil, with sub-committees in nearly all the states. We organize 2(two) Long Course and 2(two) Short Course Brazilian Championships a year, always trying to attract new members to our Association from all parts of the country.

We have already hosted several International Meets as follows:

  1. In 1990 we organized the 3rd. World Masters Swimming Championship with nearly two thousand (2000) athletes from all over the world.
  2. In 1993, we hosted the 1st. South Americam Masters Swimming Championship, with about 1.100 (eleven hundred) swimmers from almost all South American countries.
  3. Las year, 1998, we had the 1st. South American Masters Swimming Championship, with about one thousand (1000) swimmers from Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.
  4. Next November, from the 12th. to the15th, Brazil will host the 4th. South American Masters Swimming Championship in Rio de Janeiro.

The O.C. has been working hard, so that things turn out well and no major problems arise. We always have in mind Masters Swimming´s motto: FITNESS, FRIENDSHIP and UNDERSTANDING.