Persona de contacto / Contact person:

Carey Mckenzie: carey_mckenzie@troweprice.com


Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica

Historia / History:

The Flying Fish Ambassadors age group swimming team, established by Neville Alexander in the late 1950's, has a long and proud history in competitive swimming in Jamaica.

The Team represented Jamaica in competitions throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, South America, England and the United States. Over the past several years The Flying Fish Ambassadors produced nine Olympians and several regional champions.

Starting in 1990 a few of the former age group swimmers of the 1970's would compete against other Masters swimmers during breaks of age group competitions. This grew into more organized local events which remain on a relatively small scale.

The LatyCar '99 Masters Swimming Championships marks our introduction into international Masters competition.

Many of us will be traveling from various parts of the U.S. and Jamaica in order to participate. We are very excited about competing and making new friends. We look forward to becoming long term members of the LatyCar family.