24 duets and eight teams will be competing in the synchronised swimming competition at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre in Rio from August 14-19.



In marathon swimming, the lists include, 50 athletes, 25 men and 25 women, from 28 countries

The first 10 spots on both lists were awarded on the basis of the results of the 2015 FINA World Championships 10km race, in Kazan (RUS).

20 more spots (10 men, 10 women) were attributed to the best of the Marathon Swimming Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Setubal (POR) in early June. In addition, the next-best from each of the five continents also earned a berth in Setubal.



The Olympic diving programme consists of eight events as follows: men's 3m, men's 3m synchro, men's 10m, men's 10m synchro, women's 3m, women's 3m synchro, women's 10m, women's 10m synchro.*

A total of 136 divers, represented by 68 men and 68 women, are confirmed. 29 nations will be going to Brazil.



In water polo, 12 men's teams will battle for the Olympic titles, while eight women's squads are taking part in the Olympic tournament.

The men's groups are composed as follows:

GROUP A: Serbia, Greece, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Hungary
GROUP B: USA, Spain, France, Montenegro, Italy, Croatia

And the women's groups as follows:

GROUP A: Italy, Russia, Australia, Brazil
GROUP B: Spain, China, Hungary, USA



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2016 10km circuit to resume in Canada


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Description: Finish line OWLac St Jean, Quebec, Canada, is about to host the fourth leg of the FINA/HOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup 2016.

36 swimmers*, 22 men and 14 women, will take the departure on Thursday July 28.

Open Water greats such as Germany's 2009 World Champion Angela Maurer and Kazan 2015 Team event winner Christian Reichert or Rio 2016 hope Diogo Villarinho of Brazil and national favourite Richard Weinberger are among the athletes to watch.

*Countries taking part are: Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Russia, USA

Men's race starts at 1:30pm (GMT-4)

Women's race starts at 1:40pm (GMT-4)

Both races will be live streamed HERE

FINA/HOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup calendar

1. Patagones-Viedma (ARG) February 7, 2016
2. Abu Dhabi (UAE) February 26, 2016
3. Balatonfured (HUN) June 18, 2016

4. Lac St-Jean (CAN) July 28, 2016
5. Lac Megantic (CAN) August 13, 2016
6. Chun'An (CHN) October 9, 2016
7. Honk Kong (HKG) October 15, 2016

In addition to the FINA/HOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup, Lac St Jean will also stage the third leg of the FINA Open Water Grand Prix, on July 30.


Description: World Aquatics Convention

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The 2016 SWC calendar announces six legs beginning in August


As FINA is entering in the second semester of the aquatic calendar, the FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016 is around the corner.

The prestigious annual circuit will kick-off on August 26 in Paris-Chartres, France.

The competition will be divided into three clusters with prize money up for grabs and will conclude on October 30 in Hong-Kong. The competition will take place in 25m pools this year.

The 2016 calendar is as follows:

1.     Paris-Chartres (FRA) - August 26-27
2. Berlin (GER) - August 30-31
3. Moscow (RUS) - September 3-4
4. Beijing (CHN) - September 30 - October 1
5. Dubai (UAE) - October 4-5
6. Doha (QAT) - October 8-9
7. Singapore (SIN) - October 21-22
8. Tokyo (JPN) - October 25-26
9. Hong-Kong (HKG) - October 29-30

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